• BEACON CloudTech is a Zoho Partner with the technical expertise and business experience to build a CRM solution optimised for you.

Why Beacon CloudTech?

Real-world experience, CRM expertise

Focused on solving business challenges

Vendor trained & certified consultants

Scale to match your current & future needs

UK based support, training & consulting

Clear and honest pricing

3 steps to a successful CRM deployment


Take time to model your sales and marketing processes, identifying potential optimisations. Review & cleanse your current data. Engage with key team members. The more care you take now, the more effective the result.


A Zoho CRM partner can save you time, help you steer clear of common pitfalls and ensure a best practice implementation. A good partner also offers training, integration and on-going technical support services.


The business climate will evolve and new markets will open. Zoho CRM is flexible, scalable and adaptable. So seek more CRM efficiencies, plan new integrations and bring onboard more team members.

New to CRM?

Zoho CRM is a cloud hosted customer relationship management platform. In addition to standard CRM functionality - i.e. lead management, opportunity tracking, team collaboration, reporting and dashboards - Zoho offers state-of the-art features such as artificial intelligence, advanced automation, process blueprints and extensive customisation.

And there is much more. Zoho CRM is one part of the larger Zoho product family. Whether you need a marketing toolkit, detailed project management, in-depth business analytics, finance tools or bespoke mobile applications Zoho has the applications for you. And these applications can integrate, share data and work seamlessly together.

Considering a CRM switch?

Sometimes things go wrong. Your current CRM may not have the features you had been promised, or the licence fees may have become too expensive, or your CRM consultant may care more about chasing the next "big one" than addressing your ongoing support and training needs. It happens, and if any of this sounds familiar we can assist.

BEACON CloudTech can assess your business requirements and current CRM configuration. We will make recommendations and provide you with a cost justification and business case. We can provide expertise and support to migrate your existing CRM data. Where applicable, we'll work with your IT and Operations teams so you can choose how much or how little of this work you wish to complete in-house.

Optimise Zoho CRM with BEACON CloudTech

Design & Deployment

With our comprehensive design, implementation and deployment services we ensure the full implementation of your Zoho solution using best practices and the latest technologies. We also offer:

  • Zoho installation health checks
  • Deployed solution review and recommendations
  • Zoho upgrade and feature advice

Technical Training

Our Zoho trained and certified specialists offer in-depth technical training to ensure you maximise the full potential of your Zoho solution. Our Zoho training packages include:

  • Bespoke course content development & delivery
  • Train the trainer
  • Advanced Zoho administrator training

Post Sales Support

To ensure that your Zoho solutions continues to meet business demands we offer a range of post sales services, including:

  • On-site and remote technical assistance & troubleshooting
  • Support for 3rd party product integrations
  • Data migration & data cleansing best practices
Business Case Image

Business Case Services

Proper planning and business case analysis ensures that you maximise the value of your Zoho solution. Our consultants are trained to specify a solution based on your needs and industry best practices.

  • Budget and business case justification
  • Recommendation and timelines for deployment
  • Zoho licence fee optimisation

Which version of Zoho CRM is right for you?

Free Edition

Bare bones CRM functionality for those with no budget. Includes Leads, Contacts, Accounts, Deals & Reports for up to 3 users. Limited to 5,000 CRM records and does not support customisation.

Standard Edition

A basic CRM that is limited to 100k records. No IMAP email integration. Includes custom fields and customisation of reports and dashboards.


More advanced CRM with  enhanced customisation and automation options. Unlimited CRM records, inventory management and customer support.

Best Feature Set

Enterprise Edition

State-of-the-art CRM with advanced automation and customisation. Includes conversational AI, business intelligence dashboards, multiple currencies, auto-responders and data encryption options. 

CRM Plus

A unified customer engagement platform for a single low price . Includes full featured CRM plus marketing automation, business intelligence analytics, help desk, project management, social media marketing and surveys. 

Best Value

Zoho One

The operating system for business. Access to 40+ Zoho integrated business applications, all with enterprise level features - CRM, Help Desk, App Development, Finance, IT Management & collaboration. Includes a unified dashboard for app, user and security management.

Advanced CRM Features

BEACON CloudTech has developed a number of advanced features to enhance the functionality of Zoho CRM enterprise edition. These features are available to our CRM project clients for no additional cost. And if you have a unique feature request of your own, just let us know. 

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