Taking Zoho CRM to the Next Level

Zoho CRM Enterprise Edition / Zoho One includes a rich feature set to match the requirements of just about any organisation. However no CRM covers all of the bases. So, based on our many years of cloud software experience and technical know-how, we have developed some important CRM Enhancements that extend Zoho CRM out-of-the-box functionality even further. These features are unique to BEACON CloudTech. As one of our clients you may avail of any or all of them as part of our CRM implementation package - for no additional charge. And of course if you have an idea of your own just let us know, we may be able to develop that for you too.

TimeSheet Management

Do you work in a billable hours world? Wouldn't you like to know how much time is spend on each project, on each client? Do you bill out employees at different rates? Our TimeSheet feature manages all of the above & calculates fees in real time.

Advanced To Do List

Zoho CRM includes a robust task list. But there is an even better way to manage your day-to-day activities - to address the twin challenges of importance and urgency, to enable "drag-n-drop" task re-assignment and even to create new ToDos straight from your Inbox. 

Performance Snapshots

Zoho CRM includes many reports & dashboards to measure business metrics. But wouldn't it be great to track performance trends with time, to show how the big numbers change over a sliding window of 30 days or 6 months? This is why we  have developed Snapshot for CRM.

Key Contact

Often with large clients there is a long list of contacts. But who is the "go to" person for that organisation? Can you easily reassign that role? Our Key Contact feature manages this task effortlessly so your entire team is always up to date.

Account Performance

How much business have we done with client X? How many projects have been completed. You want to see the key information at-a-glance while viewing the Account record. Now everyone can see the big picture in real time.

Trouble Tickets

Zoho CRM includes a rudimentary Cases module. But how do you track the days each case has been open, or for how long was a closed case open? You need to email trouble ticket updates, you need to generate billable transactions, you need to update deals. You need Trouble Tickets.