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Whether you need to make a CRM configuration update, change your entire business workflow or provide admin training for staff we can assist. We offer detailed, client specific support and training services.

  • Technical and business support for the entire Zoho product portfolio - including CRM, Creator, Campaigns, Analytics, Projects, SalesIQ, Desk and People.
  • Report, dashboard and forecast design so you understand your business.
  • Best practice for lead qualification, sales pipeline management & resource optimisation
  • Advanced Zoho feature support - Blueprints, Flows, Deluge, Schedules, APIs & Workflows.
  • Google G Suite administration, routing rules and user permissions management.
  • Employee product training, custom crafted for your environment.
  • Advanced administrator training - data backups, user management and auditing.
  • Software licence fee optimisation.


(Note that due to coronavirus restrictions we can't currently offer on-site support or training).

Getting Help

If you have a BEACON CloudTech support agreement simply click the button below to access our secure support portal. Here you can review the status of open support cases, file a new trouble-ticket or review our extensive knowledge base of technical support articles.

Access Support Portal

If you do not yet have a support arrangement with us you can still file a trouble-ticket. Simply send an email to support@beaconcloudtech.com and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.

We offer Support Plan options to suit every need

Support Retainer

When you are looking for a comprehensive support relationship. Get 1, 2 or 4 hours of our product expertise & consulting services each month. Dedicated time slots are available each month. You pay monthly and may cancel at any time with 30 days written notice. Includes access to our Support Portal.

Support Bundle

The option that offers both flexibility and value. Purchase a bundle of 12, 24, 48 or 96 service & support hours to use during the subsequent 12 month period. Support time is consumed in 15 min increments and we can provide regular statements of time used / remaining. Includes access to our Support Portal. 

Support On Demand

The simplest, no-obligation support option. Ideal when you simply have a once-off support request. You pay for our support or training services, as you need them, based on the hours required for us to address your particular request. This option does not include access to our Support Portal.

Like to learn more. Please click on the button below to schedule a support discussion with a member of our team. We can provide full support plan and pricing details.